Masterbuilt Smoker Keeps Shutting Off [Solved]

You get your Masterbuilt smoker, and you start seasoning it to make it ready for cooking. But the heck is- it kept shutting off about 6 times during the 3 hours of seasoning. You tried to fix it by turning it off, unplugging, and replugging it.

But you got no luck. So, you go nuts and ask- why my Masterbuilt smoker keeps shutting off? 

A bad controller, a defective probe, and a blown-out fuse are the culprit that causes your smoker to shut off continuously. Solving these issues, you can operate your Masterbuilt flawlessly to cook a juicy meal. And this troubleshooting guide will help you to fix the smoker issue. So, keep reading…

Masterbuilt Smoker Keeps Shutting Off [7 Easy Solutions]

Here are three main culprits that cause your Masterbuilt Electric Smoker to shut off continuously. 

1. Bad Controller

A defective control unit or faulty controller is the main culprit behind the Masterbuilt smoker issue. Your smoker will keep shutting off after 5 minutes every time you turn it on if the controller gets damaged. Loose wire connections in the digital control can also be a reason behind this problem. 


First off, remove the screws that hold the control panel in its place. Then, check the controller for loose wire connections. If there is loose wiring, tighten it up. Don’t forget to clean the controller with an air compressor to blow away dirt & debris. 

Now, put back the controller into the unit and turn on your Masterbuilt. If the controller doesn’t function, it gets defective. So, replace the controller with a new one. Call the Masterbuilt Support Team for a replacement. 

2. A Faulty Probe

A defective sensor probe is the second culprit that causes your Masterbuilt smoker to keep shutting down. Due to a faulty probe, your electric smoker will detect the temperature incorrectly. Due to this smoker’s temperature issue, you smoker won’t stay lit or it keeps shutting off after now and then. 


To fix the probe issue, you should disassemble the unit. Use a Phillips head screwdriver to unscrew the nuts that hold the controller into place. Then, remove the plastic cover from the unit and pull out the controller. Now, locate the probe and ensure the wire connection of it is secured. 

Also, inspect the probe to see whether it gets damaged or not. If the probe gets defective, replace it with a new one. If the probe is intact, clean it gently to remove dirt & debris. Then, back everything into place and test the unit by connecting it to the electric outlet. 

3. A Blown Fuse

If the fuse of your Masterbuilt smoker gets blown out, you can’t light the smoker or it keeps shutting off.

The fuse of the smoker may get blown out for these reasons: 

  • You may plug your smoker into a tripped circuit breaker.
  • If the draft fan consumes a lot of power during the start-up phase, it will cause the fuse to get blown out. 
  • The fuse of your smoker gets old, or the auger uses more amps than normal. 
  • The igniter rod can also be the culprit behind this issue. 


No matter what causes the fuse to blow away, replacing the fuse is the only solution to fix this smoker issue. We recommend you call the Masterbuilt support team to replace the fuse for you. Or, you can call your local customer service to do this task for you. 

4. Rust In Smoker

Over time while using your smoker, rust builds up inside of your smoker due to grease and moisture. And this rust may harm or damage your smoker’s electric connections which may stop your smoker’s normal functionality and lead to shutting off frequently. 

Even the long-term rust build-up in your electric smoker will shorten your smoker’s lifespan or damage it all. 


First of all, remove the rust & clean your smoker using sandpaper. While cleaning, remove the grill grates and grease tray and scrap the grease using a knife or scraper. When you find the pools of grease are loosened, remove them using paper towels or a damp cloth. 

Then for a deep clean, soak the grill grates and tray in hot soapy water for a while and clean them keeping them under the running water with a sponge. 

And to clean the smoker chamber, take apple cider vinegar and mix it with 1-2 liters of hot water. Now, take the mixer in a sprayer and spray it inside and outside of the smoker. Then rub the smokers everywhere with a sponge and clean them with paper towels or dry cloths. 

Besides, don’t forget to follow the following precautions to keep your smoker in good condition and prevent it from shutting off issue:

  • Clean your smoker after every use. Most importantly never miss deep cleaning after 2-3 cookings. 
  • After cleaning, make sure your smoker gets dry before storing it. And store your smoker in dry places. Here, it would be wise to keep your smoker in your kitchen or garage. 
  • While storing, you can cover your smoker by having a smoker cover. It will keep your smoker from dust. 

5. Faulty Or Damaged Electrical Connection

Your Masterbuilt smoker also may shut off due to a faulty or lost electrical connection as it’s powered by electricity. The problem may be with the outlet where you plug the smoker or with the energy supply of your house.


When you find your smoker keeps shutting off, first, ensure a secure power supply at your home. Well, to solve the issue, do the following:

  • First of all check and make sure your smoker is connected to the right outlet.
  • Check the cable too. It can also be the culprit behind the issue of smokers’ electricity keeps going on & off. 
  • Change the cable when you find it flickering.
  • If you find the outlet & cable are ok, then the problem may be with the main fuse. Hire an electrician to check the fuse and replace it if necessary.

6. Long Cook On Low Temperature

Another culprit behind your smoker shutting off issue could be the long cooking in a low-temperature environment. In such a case, the fire uses a lot of fuel to produce enough heat.

Consequently, when you cook for a long time in low-temperature weather, your pellets burn quickly & eventually the smoker shut down.


You can overcome such type of issue by cooking your food for a set period of time at an ideal temperature.

7. A Faulty GFCI Outlet

Due to a defective GFCI outlet, your Masterbuilt smoker may keep shut down too. And an outlet may be multifunctional because of the power overexposure to your smoker. And remember, it’s normal to malfunction your GFCI outlet after using it for a few years. 


To ensure whether the GFCI outlet is ok or not and to solve the issue, follow the instructions given below:

First, check and find out if your GFCI outlet is malfunctioning or not. Here you can unplug the power of your smoker from your outlet & plug another appliance into the outlet. Notice the result, whether the other appliance is working or not

If you find the other appliance is not also working, then the GFCI outlet is the culprit. Plus, plug your smoker into a different outlet if it works fine then your previous GFCI outlet must be malfunctioning.

So, replace the faulty GFCI outlet to avoid any risk and find your smoker working fine from that outlet. Here it would be wise to call an electrician to replace the outlet.


Does the Masterbuilt smoker shut off automatically?

No, Masterbuilt Smoker doesn’t have an auto shut-off feature. But it will shut off automatically after the end of the heating duration you set. In simple words, set how long you want to cook and the smoke will turn off after that period. 

Why does my electric smoker stop smoking?

Your Masterbuilt Electric Smoker will stop smoking if the chip tray of this smoker will rise off of the burner element. To fix this issue, adjust the chip tray. 

Why is my Masterbuilt smoker not getting hot enough?

If the heating element on your Masterbuilt smoker gets defective, your smoker won’t produce enough heat you need. Just replace the heating element to let your smoker generate sufficient heat for cooking. 

Why is my smoker not holding heat?

If the fire doesn’t get enough oxygen, your smoker will not hold the heat. So, keep all the vents open to allow your smoker to draw more air into it. 

How often should I add chips to my electric smoker?

A cup of wood chips will last for 4-5 hours. So, you should add chips to your electric smoker after this period. 


It’s really a pain in the neck if the Masterbuilt smoker keeps shutting off in the middle of the cook. We broke down the reasons that cause your smoker to shut off continuously.

So, follow the troubleshooting steps we mentioned to fix this smoker issue. Otherwise, you should call the Masterbuilt support team if you fail to solve the smoker problem. 

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