Masterbuilt Smoker Troubleshooting Guide [9 Easy Solutions]

The most common Masterbuilt Smoker problems include the smoker not turning on, fan not working, the smoker keeps tripping beaker, and the digital control panel not working. 

To troubleshoot any of the above problems, you have to inspect the problem-related component and need to check it. Sometimes, the cleaning process or simply resetting can resolve the problem for the most part. If it fails to solve the trouble, you need to replace the defective parts.  

masterbuilt smoker troubleshooting

Plus, the smoker is not getting hot enough or failing to smoke, the smoker is overheating, not connecting to Bluetooth app, and the smoker keeps shutting off are on the list of major problems that most often Masterbuilt users face. 

However, this Masterbuilt smoker troubleshooting guide has brought all the effective solutions to fix each problem. So, without any delay, let’s get to the article. 

Masterbuilt Smoker Troubleshooting Guide [9 Easy Solutions]

Through this Masterbuilt electric smoker troubleshooting guide, we have explored all the smoker problems with well-proven solutions:

1. Masterbuilt Smoker Not Turning On

Masterbuilt smoker not powering on is a common problem that users mostly face. Due to several reasons, the Masterbuilt smoker won’t turn or will remain unresponsive. 

For instance, look at the reasons below why Masterbuilt smokers won’t turn on:

  • Thermostat Failure 
  • Faulty power implements 
  • Bad smoker controller 
  • Poor quality heating elements 
  • Wrong temperature setting
  • Defective extension cord
  • Tripped GFCI breaker 


  • As for the thermostat fault, check if the smoker is overheating.
  • Clean the slurry thermostat & if there is any issue, repair it. 
  • Also, clean the dirty thermostat trigger. If needed, replace the defective thermostat.
  • Repair or replace the bad wire. Check the sensor wire as well. Use a high-quality cord to ignore further issues.
  • In case of a tripped GFCI breaker, repair or replace it. 
  • Reset the controller & install the module properly.
  • Ensure to use of high-quality heating elements. Clean the debris and grease from your smoker. 
  • Check the connectors. If the connectors are in bad condition, replace them.
  • Set the correct temperature setting. Also, check if the power light isn’t broken. 
  • If a damaged extension cord creates the issue, it’s time to replace the damaged one. 

2. Masterbuilt Smoker Fan Not Working

Most often, there seems that the heat is not circulating from the smoker, and the unit is overheating. Also, the meat might not cook evenly. All these are quick signs that the smoker fan is not running

A smoker fan is an essential element that removes airborne grease, smoke, heat, combustion products, and steam from the heater. Also, by providing enough airflow, it ensures that meats are smoked evenly. 

There are a few major reasons why the smoker fan will stop working. For instance:

  • The fan is stuck by charcoal and greasy build-up 
  • Wrong setting of the temperature
  • Opened smoker door
  • The hopper lid remains open
  • Smoker is overhearing
  • Physical damage on the fan
  • Defective smoker controllers

Anyway, troubleshooting the fan issue is not tough as long as you will follow the below instructions:


  • To fix the smoke fan, first, inspect the fan and check for any charcoal pieces that get stuck in it. Remove the charcoal piece from the fan.
  • Also, clean out thick dirt, grease, or food particles around the controller, temperature gauge, fan, doors, and lids.
  • After cleaning, check for visible cracks or breaks on the fan. If you find any severe damage, replace the fan.
  • Now, ensure that the temperature gauge is showing the accurate temperature and is higher than the cabinet temperature. Also, the temperature gauge should be plug-in and free of any defections.
  • Verify that the hopper lid and smoker door are properly closed
  • If your heater is overheating, restart your grill. 

3. Masterbuilt Smoker Keeps Tripping Breaker

If your Masterbuilt smoker keeps tripping GFCI, be sure it happens due to underlying issues. The most possible concerns for Masterbuilt smoker kicking GFCI include ground fault.

GFCI is supposed to cut off the electric supply if there are any electrical fluctuations and protect the devices running on it from burning through. But the GFCI circuit may keep popping due to excessive current flow in the device. The other possible reasons include:

  • Overloaded GFCI outlet
  • Building up moisture, rust, or other unwanted material inside the unit.
  • Defective and low-quality GFCI outlet

Here’s a quick step-by-step fixing guide for “Masterbuilt smoker keeps blowing breaker.”


  • After verifying the reason behind the Masterbuilt electric smoker keeps tripping GFCI, check out the breaker, and it should not be overloaded.
  • Disconnect multiple lines that come out from the circuit breaker.
  • Check out the smoker element. Replace the worn-out element.
  • Now, open the front panel and get access to the heating coil.
  • Then, take a heat gun and start heating the front portion of the coil for about 3 to 4 minutes. It will dry out the moisture inside of the coil and alongside the pan.

4. Masterbuilt Smoker Not Getting Hot Enough

There have many temperature issues that Masterbuilt smoker owners can face. Smoker won’t heat up correctly, or at all is common among them. The major reasons behind your Masterbuilt smoker isn’t heating or failing to keep holding the set temperature are:

  • Loose or dirty chip tray
  • Defective temperature controller
  • Bad heating element
  • Blocked or clogged air intake vents
  • Opening the smoker more often
  • Insufficient fuel supply
  • A windy or unduly cold environment
  • Water pan issues
  • Bad spade connectors.

Nonetheless, you can do a quick fix if your Masterbuilt smoker won’t get to temp by following the below guide:

How To Solve Masterbuilt Smoker Not Heating Up Issue

  • Start troubleshooting by checking each of the heating elements. Replace the worn-out elements.
  • Ensure tight connection of all screws and wiring of the heater. Also, ensure proper connection of the smoker to the socket.
  • Tighten the loose chip tray. If needed, clean the chip tray to allow adequate heat.
  • Make sure the water chamber and pan are dried out.
  • Check if the temperature controller is working properly or not. Replace the defective one.
  • Also, replace the spade terminals if you find that it is the culprit.
  • To allow proper oxygen and control the loss of heat, clean out the blocked air intake vents.
  • Verify whether your smoker is running out of fuel.
  • It is important to place the smoker on ground level. 
  • Make sure you are not opening the smoker more often.

5. Masterbuilt Smoker Not Smoking

Masterbuilt smokers, not smoking is another commonly faced issue of the users. There can be a few reasons that can make your smoker not smoke properly. Your Masterbuilt smoker won’t smoke in case of fronting the reasons described below:

  •  Imbalanced chip tray on the element
  •  Loose power connections 
  •  Untidy chip tray
  •  Wet chips & water pan
  •  Incorrect temperature setting 
  •  Insufficient fuel
  •  Closed or dirty vents
  •  Damaged spade terminal
  • Problem with the heating element 


  • To smoke properly on your Masterbuilt smoker, look through the power cord if they’re all in good condition. If you find any fault, repair or replace it. Also, ensure a tight power connection. 
  • Preheat your heater to the correct temperature.
  • Make sure the chip tray is balanced properly on the burner element or it’s not loose. 
  • Clean the dust and debris from the tray. Also, make sure you’re using dry chips.
  • Set the correct temperature on the MES heater. The smoker produces smoke properly at the temperature of 200-275 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  • If there is any issue with the heating elements, replace them with new ones.
  • Ensure the heater is getting enough fuel to smoke properly.
  • Keep the water pan & water chamber dry so that the water can’t issue in the smoking of the heater. 
  • If the spade terminals got burnt out or got damaged, you need to replace them. 
  • To smoke your smoker properly, make sure the intake vents are wide enough for air circulation. 

6. Masterbuilt Smoker Display Not Working

In most cases, users push the temp button and hear a beep sound over and over while operating the smoker. This occurs if your Masterbuilt smoker control panel not working. 

control panel is defective

The problem is more likely related to the display. Also, it can occur for other major reasons. Like accumulation of dirt in the display inside, or if your smoker is running for a longer period. 

Sometimes, physical damage to the smoker, cooking in cold, windy areas, and using the smoker in direct sunlight over a long period can cause the display to break.

Follow the below instruction if your Masterbuilt smoker digital control panel not working.


  • In the first stage, you need to do a simple reset of the display.
  • For this, unplug your smoker from the wall socket and wait for 60 seconds. Then plug back the smoker.
  • Besides, do a factory reset to your Masterbuilt smoker. Push and hold the clear button for about 5 seconds.
  • Now, clean the display panel because it may be dirty due to heavy use.
  • You can disassemble the control panel for better cleaning.
  • After unscrewing the control panel, place it in a safe place and spray WD-40 over it. Leave it for a few seconds to seep in. Then dry the panel using compressed air.
  • Reassemble the control panel.
  • If still the issue persists, be sure the control panel is defective, and you need to replace it.

7. Masterbuilt Smoker Keeps Shutting Off

Masterbuilt 560 smoker keeps shutting off is one more familiar issue the users of MES deal with now and then. Owing to some different faults, the Masterbuilt smoker does not stay lit. 

To troubleshoot the issue correctly, identify the exact fault first. Here are those reasons that can make your heater keep shutting off:

  • Faulty wired connection
  • Rust on the heater
  • Damaged probe
  • Faulty GFCI outlet
  • Bad controller
  • Blown fuse
  • Cooking at a low temperature


  • First, check out the power connection to see if all are in good working condition.
  • Replace the blown fuse in case you find any.
  • Disassemble your smoker and look through the probe. If the pins of the probe got damaged, you’d have to replace them.
  • If your heater is rusty, clean it.
  • Plug your heater into different wall outlets to see if the GFCI outlet is damaged. If the heater works properly in the other outlet, you have to change the GFCI with the help of the experts.
  • Check the controller if it’s in good condition. In case you find any issue, resolve it.
  • Avoid cooking at a low temperature for a long time.

8. Masterbuilt Smoker Overheating

Smoker overheating is one of the common queries from Masterbult smoker owners. The normal temperature range for the Masterbuilt smoker is around 100 to 275 degrees Fahrenheit.

But the unit gets overheated when the temperature level exceeds this range. There are a few major reasons behind overheating this smoker. For instance:

  • Faulty controller
  • Defective temperature probe
  • Incorrect timer setting
  • Excessive airflow
  • Ups and downs in the temperature
  • Cold, windy environment
  • Using excessive fuel for smoking

Now, we will explore all those methods that can fix the overheating issue from your smoker:


  • First of all, check if the controller is working well or not. Because most of the time, the controller fails to show accurate and clear cooking temperature.
  • Now, do a hard reset on your smoker by pressing the clear button for about 5 seconds.
  • Check the temperature probes. Replace the defective probe.
  • Entering excessive airflow is the leading reason for this issue. So, it is necessary to set the venting in the correct way.
  • Now set the smoker temperature. Make sure it should be 10 or 15 degrees less than your desired temperature.
  • Also, use an adequate amount of fuel for smoking to prevent overheating.

9. Masterbuilt Smoker Bluetooth Problems

Smoker Bluetooth problem seems to be the most common issue that Masterbuilt smoker users face. If your masterbuilt smoker won’t connect to Bluetooth, there are a few things that need to consider:

  • Using backdated Bluetooth version
  • Installing an incorrectly configured Bluetooth app
  • Poor internet connection
  • The smoker losing Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Glitches in connecting the app
  • The device is full of unnecessary cache


  • First, check you are using a Bluetooth app that goes to configurational requirements with your device specs. Also, it should be the latest version. 
  • Then, make sure that you are using a strong internet connection.
  • Now, verify your device is not in power-saving mode or airplane mode.
  • Remove all unnecessary cache from the device.
  • If needed, uninstall the app and reinstall it again.
  • It will be better to restart your device to remove connection hitches. Also, restart your electric smoker. 
  • If still, Masterbuilt smoker Bluetooth not working, your next step will be to contact the manufacturers.

How To Clean Masterbuilt Electric Smoker

In order to keep your smoker running smoothing and prolong its durability, it is essential to clean your smoker periodically.

clean the masterbuilt electric smoker

But before moving to the cleaning procedure, you need to know the correct methods to ensure proper cleanness without any damage. 

Here are the procedures on how to clean electric smokers:

  • Before you start cleaning, let the smoker cools down.
  • Then, remove all the detachable parts from the inside of the smoker.
  • Now, take warm soapy water and soak all the parts to loosen up the accumulated specks of dirt.
  • To clean oils and grease from the cooking grills or racks, use a scraper or sponge. Then, wash them thoroughly under running water.
  • Then, discard the soot or ash from a smoker box into a trash bag. Spay the box with apple cider vinegar mixed with hot water.
  • You will find hardened grease on the surface of the smoker box. Use a plastic scraper to scrape off stubborn dirt.
  • Wipe the inside walls of the smoker chamber using a wet sponge.
  • Don’t miss cleaning the exterior of your electric smoker. Wipe the exterior with a clean, damp cloth. 
  • After cleaning, let all the parts be dried out completely. Then, place them back inside the smoker.
  • Also, always use a paper towel steeped in vegetable oil in order to clean the cooking grates. It will prevent food and grime from sticking to smoker parts.  


How do I get my Masterbuilt smoker to cool down?

If your smoker is getting overheated, you just need to close the lid and vents to decrease the temperature. It will cut off the air supply underneath the fire, which will lower the temperature gradually.

Does opening the vent on an electric smoker make it hotter?

Adjusting the smoker vents plays a big role in controlling temperature. If you keep open the intake vent, it will allow more airflow in the smoker inside. By this, the fuel will burn quickly and make the unit hotter. 

Wrapping Words:

Expectantly, now you know all the major problems with corresponding factors that are responsible for occurring the problem. Besides, resolving the issue is just a time being if you follow the above-mentioned tips and tricks relating to fixing the issue.

Hopefully, you will not struggle with any problems with your electric smoker in the future. But still, if you have any queries on any facts, be hurry to ask us through comments. We’ll get back to you with the best solutions.

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