The 7 Best White Marble Electric Fireplace Reviews in 2022

White marble electric fireplace laughs in darkness brings attention to the crowd, and gives you warmth on frigid nights of winter.

We know, it has never been easier for you to choose the right electric fireplace that is stylish at the same time functional. Seems like you are a lucky fellow!

All of the electric fireplaces we enlisted are simple to control, easy to clean, long-lasting, and complements any home decor. So, you don’t need to worry about whether it will fit your home style or not. 

Without further ado, check out our list of the best white marble fireplace in 2021. Continue to read our top picks and the buying guide to select your best trait. 

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Our Top 3 Picks at a Glance

Don’t want to spend a lot of time reading the entire review and wish to know our recommendations? Then, take your eyes to the following modern fireplaces to get right one to our top 3 picks. 

White Marble Modern Electric LED Fireplace: Best Overall

SEI Furniture Faux Marble Electric Fireplace: Best Budget Friendly

White Surround Fire Chunky LED Fireplace: Best Stylish

7 Things to Consider Before Buying your White Marble Fireplace

Yes, white marble fireplaces are elegant and will be a nice addition to your room.

But not all of them come with the same features & benefits. So, we recommend you take the following considerations into account before picking one. 


Let us tell you what you should consider first before purchasing an elegant fireplace! There are a lot of fireplaces you can find in the market that uses different materials like PB, engineered wood, and so on. 

If you want a firebox that is long-lasting, stylish, fits any decor, and is easy to clean, then you must consider marble as a fireplace material. 

Luckily, these 7 fireplaces we enlisted are made of marble stone. So, you can grab any of them to bring back elegance to your house. 

Finish Type

Once you find out marble will be the best fireplace material type, it’s time to think about its finish.

How the end look will be when you completely set up the fireplace depends on the firebox finish type. 

Crisp white finish, white & black finish, and solid brushed finish are some of the popular finish types.

You can go for and pick any of these that will increase the overall beauty of your home. 


Take the fireplace brand in mind is another criterion you must take into account when purchasing a firebox. Hundreds of brands are available out there and each of them is popular for specific types of fireplaces. 

So, stick with one or two brands you will remove clutter and allow you to make profitable decisions. 

When it comes to buying a marble electric firebox, Low-Cost Fireplaces are the most sought-after name.

They are familiar with manufacturing crisp, elegant, and long-lasting marble fireplace. 


Here the term ‘look’ means fireplace design. Fortunately, an electric marble firebox fits any home style.

That’s why you don’t need to think about the look. 


What’s the main purpose behind getting a fireplace?

Keep the interior environment warm & cozy, right! The marble firebox you are going to pick distributes heat evenly or does not matter a lot. 

Regarding this, fireplaces from SEI furniture will be your go-to option as they can warm a room up to 400 sq feet. 

Therefore, make sure the fireplace allows you to adjust the heat level, flame effect, and LED bulbs.

Ease of Assembly

Each of the fireplaces comes with clear and step-by-step instructions. Following the installation manuals, you can easily assemble the unit.

Simple to Maintain or Not

None of the fireplaces we enlisted are challenging to maintain & clean.

Using a washcloth, you can pick off dirt, dust, and soot. For ensuring longevity, wipe down the surrounding once a week using a soft microfiber cloth. 

7 Best White Marble Electric Fireplace in 2022

Finding out the right white electric marble fireplace is not an easy task.

We delve into hundreds of products and consider a lot of criteria before including each of the fireplaces on this list. 

After spending so much effort and time, we can combine our list with the following marble fireplaces. 

White Marble Stone Modern Curved Surround Electric LED Fireplace 

Heighten your existing home decor by installing this white marble fireplace in your room.

Its unclutter, clean, and classic white finish resembles any home style and brings back aesthetics. Above this, the hidden downlights behind the inset header perfectly highlight the impeccable white marble finish.

At the same time, it provides you the ambiance you need to spend for a cozy night of winter. 


  • Brand: Low-Cost Fireplaces
  • Material: Marble
  • Finish type: Brushed
  • Color: White
  • Weight:

Classic & Elegant Design

A neat & clean white finish resembles a classic design that gives an elegant look to your home.

Therefore, the artistic mantelpiece supports a beautifully detailed double shelf which adds a rich appearance to the unit.

Electric Fan Heater

This marble electric fireplace has a fan. With it, the unit can generate 1kW or 2kW of heat.

So, you will get the flame to keep your room warm. 

Remote Control Fireplace

For convenience, it features remote control to regulate the unit effortlessly.

Now, you can easily set the desired heat level with the help of the remote controller. Plus, it also lets you control the flame effect with ease. 

Comes with both Coal and Pebble

To gain the glowing & fiery fire effect, it comes with both electric coal and pebbles.

As a result, you will get the real fire effect without the hassle of cleaning ashes or smoke like a wood or gas firebox. 

Benefits We Find

3 heat settings is a plus of this modern marble fireplace. You can use it without heat to get the all-year-round ambiance.

Besides, it’s stylish and convenient to put together. 


It’s a heavy fireplace. So, you can’t manage the weight alone and require two adults to assemble the entire unit. 


If the elegant design and functional enough to warm a room are your mottoes, then you must keep this electric marble firebox in your lineup.

SEI Furniture Dendale Faux Marble Electric Fireplace  

Revive the classic and stylish appearance of your room by putting this fireplace against the wall!

Its white faux marble finish with faux stone creates a seamless, rich, and modern look that intensifies the overall beauty of your room. Apart from the look, this multifunctional firebox produces enough heat to warm up your 400 sq feet room.

Expect more than these?

Then, continue to read this review section to discover more awe-inspiring features. 


  • Brand: SEI Furniture
  • Material: MDF, Rubberwood, Birch Veneer, Resin, Metal, Resin, Glass
  • Finish type: White faux marble finish
  • Color: Gray
  • Weight: 48 pounds

Supplemental Heat

This electric fireplace insert uses supplemental heat. The advantage of this heating system is- it only heats up a specific area of your room.

As a result, by turning the fireplace on, you can make your certain room warm without wasting energy, which also saves your cost. 

Flickering LED Bulbs

The flickering LED bulbs help to add glowing fire effects.

As a result, you can gain year-round ambiance with or without heat. Therefore, lifelike embers and fire logs give a distinct look to the fireplace, which beauty the overall decor of your home. 

Remote Control 

Those days of controlling a fireplace manually are gone. With the remote control, you can now effortlessly regulate the firebox.

From adjusting desired heat level to customize the flame effect, everything can be done by sitting on your comfy couch. 

Easy to Clean

Maintaining the marble fireplace surround is a breeze. Just take a dry and soft cloth and wipe down the firebox to clean the dust.

Benefits We Find

You require no additional electrical equipment as it fits any standard outlet. Further, it’s beautiful, simple to control and maintain. 


Like our top pick, this electric firebox is also heavy. And it requires two people to put the unit together properly. 


It will be your go-to option if you look for an elegant, functional, easy use & clean electric fireplace. 

White Marble Stone Modern Curved Wall Surround Electric LED Fireplace 

Add a dramatic look to your room by bringing it to your home!

Its creamy white marble finish doesn’t only bring life to your room but also complements any existing home decor.

To highlight its bright look, it features hidden downlights behind the inset header.

Indeed, you can hardly find a timeless and classic design fireplace like this one in the market. 


  • Brand: Low Cost Fireplaces
  • Material: Marble
  • Finish type: Brushed
  • Color: White
  • Weight:

Classic Design

The crisp dull white finish of the electric firebox gives a timeless and trendy look to the unit.

Plus, its curved design and understated mantelpiece restore the aesthetics feel to your home. On top of this, its pebble glow adds a touch of fashion.

Features a Fan

A built-in fan is available to produce 1kW to 2kW heat to warm up a small to medium size room.

Therefore, it also distributes the heat throughout the room evenly.

So, the interior atmosphere of your home will be warm to spend a cozy time on a winter evening. 

Multiple Adjustability

This fireplace from Low Cost Fireplaces has 3 settings. Using them, you can fine-tune the flame effects with ease.

Plus, it features a thermostat to adjust the heat level according to your comfort. 

Benefits We Find

A clean and stylish design is an upside of this firebox. Therefore, it’s durable, simple to clean, and easy to assemble. 


The only con we spot out is- it doesn’t come with remote control features.

So, you need to regulate and run the unit manually. 


We suggest you have this fireplace on your wish list because of its stylish and classic design.

It matches your existing home style and gives a distinct look to your home 

 White Marble Stone Curved Black Granite Electric LED Fireplace 

Bold & Rich!

We can’t find other suitable words in our dictionary to describe the elegance of this white & black marble fireplace.

White marble mantel blend with black granite hearth & back panel amplify its artistic look.

Bringing it in your home means it will reinforce your existing home decor and add a touch of fashion. 


  • Brand: Low Cost Fireplaces
  • Material: Marble
  • Finish type: Brushed
  • Color: White & Black

Sophisticated Design

The solid black color hearth & back panel blend with silver fireplace insert adds a distinct feel to this electric firebox.

On the flip side, its crisp white mantelpiece with downlights highlights the immaculate white marble finish of this firebox. 

3 Fire Settings

Changing the glow of the flame effect will be a breeze with the three fire settings.

Using them, you can change the fire color to create a fiery environment in your room. 

LED Bulbs

The energy-efficient LED bulbs of this fireplace help to create dramatic fire effects. As a result, you can get the ambiance you need even on hot summer days. 

Benefits We Find

Evenly distribute heat!

It produces 1kw,2kw of heat to keep your living room warm.


Confusing instructions is the upside we trace out. It comes with 3 options that will make you a bit confused.

However, once you can put the unit together, it looks beautiful. 


For those who are bold and want to add a daring but loving addition to their home, then this fireplace is what they look for.

Cream Marble Stone Modern Wall Surround Electric LED Fireplace

Grab it, install it, and get the ambiance you need with or without heat!

This is exactly what we can say about the marble fireplace surround. It boasts a cream marble surround and lets you change the fire effects to create a dramatic atmosphere in your room.

On top of that, downlights hidden behind the inset point up the pristine cream finish of the firebox.


  • Brand: Low Cost Fireplaces
  • Material: Marble
  • Finish type: Brushed
  • Color: Cream white

Rich Look

Cream white marble surrounding blend with various fire effects inset make this fireplace outstanding from the crowd.

Plus, its hidden downlights highlight the beautiful white cream finish, which restores the sophisticated look of the firebox. 

A Handheld Remote Control

Features with a handheld remote control.

With it, you can adjust the heat level, fire effects, and turn the unit on & off from your comfy couch. 

Electric Inset Fire with Coal Effect

The electric inset this fireplace offers has a coal effect.

You can choose different flame colors to gain a dramatic look. And the surprising fact is- you can control them with remote control.

Benefits we find

Classic & simple design, easy to clean, and durable unit are some upsides we spot out of this fireplace. 


A bit difficult to put together as it’s heavy. However, you can assemble it with ease by taking help from someone as it requires two people to install it. 


If you love to get a marble electric fireplace that is elegant, durable, and simple to clean, then you must have this one in your lineup.

Electric White Surround Black Granite Marble Silver Fire Chunky LED Fireplace 

Every electric fireplace from Low Cost Fireplaces is elegant, stylish, and unique in design.

And this electric white fireplace surround is not an exception to that. Its crisp white surround with a solid black granite hearth & back panel heightens the overall appearance.

On top of that, the electric brushed steel fire gives a bold and distinct feel to the unit. 


  • Brand: Low Cost Fireplaces
  • Material: Marble
  • Finish type: Brushed
  • Color: White

3 Settings

The fireplace comes with three settings to change flame effects. In return, you can customize the fire color to achieve a dramatic environment in your room.

Multiple Adjustability

This electric marble fireplace comes with multiple adjustabilities.

It features remote control to regulate the entire unit. And its thermostat system allows you to change or customize heat levels according to your comfort.

Furthermore, you can also adjust the flame effect. 

Benefits We Find

Easy to control from anywhere in your room because of its remote control feature.

Plus, it offers a year of guarantee. 


The only downside we spot out is its complex put-together process.

It delivers to you in 4 sections with variable instructions guide. So, assembling the fireplace is a bit challenging. 


If you look for a multi-functional fireplace that lets you adjust heat, flame effect, and LED light, then you should pick this.

SEI Furniture Dendale Faux Marble Alexa-Enabled Electric Fireplace

What if you sit on your comfy sofa on a frigid night and say- “Alexa, turn on my fireplace.”

And Alexa will run the unit to provide you heat to warm you up! Then, you are not far away to make your dream into reality. This electric marble firebox from SEI Furniture features voice-enabled technology.

Above all, it also provides enough heat to warm up a 400 sq feet room to gain a cozy feel. 


  • Brand: SEI Furniture
  • Material: Engineered wood, Resin, Glass, Brushed stainless steel, Metal
  • Finish type: White faux marble finish
  • Weight: 48 pounds


No need to leave your comfy sofa to regulate your fireplace! Just use your own voice and say, Alexa, adjust the heat level! 

Yes, you can customize the heat level, turn the unit on or off, and change the flame effect using your voice. 

Remote Control Feature

Feel so tired to control the unit using your voice?

Don’t worry.

This multi-functional fireplace also features a remote controlling system. Pressing the button on the remote, you can run and regulate the entire unit with ease. 

Warm up to 400 sq. Feet

Its supplemental heat spreads into the room evenly and provides you enough ambiance to warm up 400 sq. feet room. 

Benefits We Find

Easy to run! Even your child can control it because it features both voice-enabled technology and remote control.

Affordable price is another plus of this marble electric fireplace. 


The only con is- you can’t alone manage its weight. So, you require someone to help you to assemble this fireplace properly.


It will be your best pick if you look for a fireplace that is simple to run but functional enough to heat a room up to 400 sq. feet. 

Benefits of a Marble Fireplaces

Marble Fireplaces are stylish, elegant, easy to clean, and heat-resistant. From this section, you can discover thousands of benefits of having an electric marble fireplace in your home. 

So, before considering other types of fireboxes, take a close eye to see what advantage a marble stone fireplace carries. 

Elegant Appearance

Marble stone fireplaces are known for their luxurious look. It brings aesthetics to your home.

If you want to give a rich, stylish, and trendy feel to your home, a marble firebox adds that touch of fashion. 

Simple to Maintain & Clean

Effortless cleaning & maintenance is another plus of a marble firebox. You can suck away the dirt, dust, and soot from its surface just using a washcloth.

To prevent buildups, wipe away the fireplace surrounding once a week with a soft cloth. 

Resists Heat and Fire

Heat and fire-resistance quality is another significant feature of a marble fireplace.

Generally, marble is a type of hard and dense stone. So, heat or fire can’t affect its look. Besides, it is water-resistant too.

A spill of water can’t bring any damage to it.

Fits any Home Decor

No matter what home style is existing in your house, a marble fireplace complements that decor.

So, you don’t need to worry about it. 


A marble fireplace is not only beautiful but also durable. It can resist heat, fire, and water.

Regular wear & tear can’t bring any damage to it, which ensures longevity. 


Is marble good for a fireplace?

Marble is a type of hard and dense stone. Because of it, it’s heat resistant. So, heat can’t affect its finish.

Plus, marble can also resist water. In return, a splash of water on your fireplace doesn’t bring any damage to the unit. 

How do you get stains out of a white marble fireplace?

Maintain your marble fireplace regularly to prevent stain buildup. You can use a soft microfiber cloth to wipe away dirt and dust.

Moreover, applying lukewarm water to it can also eliminate stains. For removing stubborn stains, you can rub the fireplace area. 

Can you tile over a marble fireplace?

Yeah, you can use tile over the marble fireplace to update its look and bring back color to the unit.

Can you paint a marble fireplace?

Yes, you can paint the white marble fireplace to bring back its aesthetic look and feel.

As marble stone is expensive, painting it will be an affordable option to update the firebox.

Can you put marble over a brick fireplace?

To add a dramatic look to your old brick fireplace, you can tile it with marble stone.

How do you clean a white marble fireplace?

Use a soft microfiber pad to suck away dust and dirt from your marble fireplace.

Also, you can sprinkle lukewarm water on the firebox surface and rub it with a washcloth to pick off hard-to-remove stains.

Will marble crack around a fireplace?

There is no risk of cracking around a fireplace by marble if you install the marble stone properly.

However, if the marble and the subsurface are wobbles around, it will crack the surrounding of a fireplace. 

Can you change the Colour of marble fireplace?

Changing the color or painting the marble fireplace, you can give an enticing look and add a wow effect to the unit.

How do I make my marble shiny again?

Polish or wipe away the marble with chamois cloth. Then, apply the marble cleaning paste on the marble and give it a few minutes to sit.

Finally, rub the surface with a soft microfiber cloth to remove dirt and stain to bring back the shiny look. 

Can you use wd40 on marble?

Applying WD-40 on marble is safe and effective to clean the marble surface.

How do you fix discolored marble?

Try out a homemade cleaning solution of baking soda and use acetone to fix discolored marble.

Even you can paint it to restore its shiny and vivid look.

How do you restore a marble fireplace?

Apply homemade cleaner like baking soda & bleach to clean dirt from your marble fireplace surround.

Also, baking soda performs well to handle smoke. Rust removal jelly works great to tackle rust.

Is Hydrogen Peroxide safe for marble?

Yes, hydrogen peroxide is safe and can effectively remove stain from the marble. 

Final Verdict

Marble fireboxes are luxurious and expensive. It doesn’t mean any random pick from the market will be your best option. 

Considering fireplace design, longevity, ease of installation, and other criteria, we put together those 7 white marble electric fireplaces on our list. 

Each of them is functional, stylish, simple to run & maintain. So, you can go for any of them on this list based on your personal choice. 

However, if you are on a budget but looking for a multi-functional marble fireplace, then the fireplace from SEI furniture will be your right pick. 

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